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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Snow Day

This morning, I looked outside and I saw snow. I couldn’t wait to go outside. When I finished my breakfast I could go outside. When I went outside it was so could. But I made a snowman. After when I came back my feet was so cold. And my hands were cold too. I ate a little bit of snow. It was cold too. I had an ice cream.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great snowman. I hope your hands and feet have warmed up.
Maybe it will snow again while I am staying with you. I hope so. See you soon. Nan

8:25 PM

Anonymous Emily said...

thank you for looking my blog.the snowman is gon. becose masaki broke it. see you soon.emily.

7:44 AM

Blogger gaijin wife said...

Choice snowman Emily. What did you use for the eyes? I hope you have a good time with your nan when she comes over for Christmas.

From Katy

5:53 PM


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