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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

in the gym.

today at school I played in the gym. do you know we played in the gym?
it was raining so we played in the gym. I played doje ball.
I played with evrey one.


Anonymous Aunty Megan said...

Hi Emily,
I was very excited this morning to see that had written another blog entry!

It sounds like it has been raining a lot at your place!

What is doje ball?

Love Aunty Megan

6:42 AM

Anonymous Nanna Dawn said...

Hi Emily
Maybe we could swap your rain for our rain?! We have heaps of cold grey days with fog and wind-it's very yicky.
Do you say 'yicky" in Japan?
Not long till Aunty Megan comes now.

Keep wrting and drawing on your blog.I love the drawings

Love from Nanna Dawn xx

5:30 PM

Anonymous Nathan said...

we'll play doje ball together. I'm very good.


2:16 PM


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